Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring – What’s all the Buzz?

Do you love yellow diamonds as much as we do? Imagine the reaction of her friends when you propose with a yellow diamond engagement ring. These gorgeous gems have been rising in popularity again, and make for a timeless engagement ring.

Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Add Some Colour To Your Ring

If you find colourless diamonds too… well, colourless, yellow diamonds are a step up in elegance and eye-catching colour. The yellow diamond ranges in quality from yellow, to fancy intense, to fancy intense vivid yellow. The past few years have seen a resurgence in popularity for the yellow diamond engagement ring, with many celebrities leading the charge. Kelly Clarkson lost hers for 24 hours back in 2013, and just recently Australian rap superstar Iggy Azalea received a $500,000 engagement ring from NBA player Nick Young.

Yellow Diamonds

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Timeless Classic

It’s no wonder yellow diamond rings are back in style. They create a timeless, classic look, especially when paired with a yellow gold band (although this pairing isn’t a necessity). More rare than colourless diamonds, colour will usually come at a premium. Don’t worry – this just gives you a good excuse to show off the gem with a claw setting, or to surround the centre with smaller white diamonds. This will augment the centrepiece and really give that yellow a golden glow.

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How Does a Diamond Become Yellow?

The yellow colour in yellow diamond rings is a result of trace amounts of nitrogen within the diamond. Yellow diamonds were practically unheard of around the world until their discovery in the 1860s in South Africa. While not as rare as their blue, red and pink cousins; yellow diamonds offer a gorgeous golden colour and a warm glow that is sure to draw more attention than a colourless diamond.

Yellow diamonds are not just a popular option for engagement rings, but also for earrings and pendants. If your must-have item is a yellow diamond engagement ring, visit our Sydney CBD boutique store or call our Sydney Jewellers on (02) 9233 8633. We’d love to bring some colour to your diamond engagement ring!