Yellow Diamond Rings

Yellow diamonds are known to be one of the rarest of all coloured diamonds on the market and are a highly sought after addition to any wedding ring, engagement ring or jewellery collection. A yellow diamond is the perfect way to make a statement, oozing boldness and beauty in the one piece. Yellow diamond rings are the next ‘big thing’ in the jewellery world, combining vintage sophistication and timeless individuality.

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Why Yellow Diamond Rings?

Yellow diamond rings have become a highly popular centrepiece in the world of ring design. Symbolising wisdom and knowledge, the intensity of the yellow diamond is the perfect way to make a statement. Also known as the “Canary Diamond,” the diamond is sourced from across the globe, the rarest of all stemming from South Africa.

The value, or price tag, of the yellow diamond is primarily decided upon the purity of the yellow colour, which can be classified on a scale between faint and fancy vivid. Due to its rarity the natural yellow diamond is typically more expensive that its white counterpart. In saying that, personal taste can not overlook the unique combination of hues that the yellow diamond can bring. No eye can overlook the sparkling boldness of a yellow diamond ring. What better way to mark your unique personality?

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