Yellow diamonds: rarity for your engagement ring

White diamonds have always been an extremely popular choice of gemstone for engagement rings, as it has always been a symbol of both luxury and opulence. But other colours of diamonds have been gaining popularity as the must-have gemstone for engagement rings. In particular, many brides-to-be have gained interest in yellow diamond engagement rings. Yellow diamonds have gathered popularity amongst both brides-to-be and celebrities due to their distinctiveness and value.

Characteristics of the yellow diamond

One reason that yellow diamonds have been gaining popularity is because of their elusiveness. Yellow diamonds, like all coloured diamonds, are considerably rarer than clear diamonds, and this rarity has turned the yellow diamond into a symbol of class and exclusivity. At Armans Fine Jewellery, we have been able to capture this spirit of class and exclusivity with our Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring.

This stunning statement features an incredible 3.38-carat fancy vivid yellow diamond, formed into a cushion cut, surrounded by an inner ring of smaller fancy vivid yellow diamonds and an outer ring of white diamonds, all sitting atop a band of 18-carat yellow gold and platinum. With this engagement ring, we at Armans Fine Jewellery have been able to showcase the best diamonds Sydney has to offer.

The science behind the yellow diamond

Another reason for the rising popularity of yellow diamonds is the different shades of yellow that they come in. The differing shades of a yellow diamond is dependent on the amount of nitrogen molecules that are present within the diamond, with a larger concentration of nitrogen molecules resulting in a more intense shade of yellow, ranging from fancy light yellow to fancy yellow to fancy intense yellow to the deepest yellow of them all fancy vivid yellow. This means that there are many shades of yellow for you to choose from when designing your perfect engagement ring.

Celebrities and its exclusivity

There have also been many celebrities who are known for their yellow diamond engagement rings, and this has been another reason for the rising popularity of the yellow diamond. Some celebrities who are known for their yellow diamond engagement rings are Heidi Klum and Carrie Underwood, who both sported elaborately decorated yellow diamond engagement rings, with both rings costing somewhere near the $150,000 mark, highlighting the exclusivity of the yellow diamond.

These are just some of the reasons for the rise in popularity of the yellow diamond. More and more often, this remarkable gemstone has been found gracing the engagement rings of brides-to-be, due to its rarity, colour and the air of opulence that it has. If you would like to know more about yellow diamonds, as well as the finest diamond rings in Australia, visit Armans Fine Jewellery.