You’ve Chosen your Perfect Engagement Ring – What Does it say About You?

Did you know that different diamond shapes mean different things?

Diamond Shapes

It’s fun to look at the different meanings that have been assigned to different diamond shapes, but at the end of the day, it has to come down to what you think best suits your partner. After all, you’re giving her this ring. It says just as much about you as it will about her.

Because you chose it. You looked at it, maybe you even had a custom design engagement ring, and said, “Yes, this is her” or “yes, I think she’ll like this.” And hope you’ve got her ring size right.

Different Diamond Cuts and Their Meanings…

There is a theory that says that each diamond shape has its own meaning. So, here are some of the symbolic meanings attached the popular cuts of diamond:

  • The classic Round cut:
    This is like the wedding band—its circular shape represents love without end.
    Symbolically, women who prefer round cut diamond engagement rings are usually drawn to a traditional romance
  • The Oval cut:
    Similar to the traditional round shape, the oval diamond ring shows a little creativity, a little individuality.
    Symbolically, women who prefer this cut, while being fairly traditional do like to try new things on occasion.
  • The Princess cut:
    The princess cut diamond ring calls for attention with its extravagant sparkle.
    Symbolically, women who wear this shape aren’t going to shrink from the spotlight. She revels in attention and is fun to be around.
  • The Marquise cut:
    Through optical tricks of dimension, the marquise shaped diamond engagement ring is designed to make the diamond look bigger than it actually is.
    Symbolically, women who are drawn to this cut are a little more concerned with status than most.
  • The Heart Cut:
    The heart shaped diamond is all about romance.
    Symbolically, women who like this cut are more likely to see the world through a rose coloured lens.

What about multiple diamonds on the one ring you ask?

Well, the centre stone is the one of importance, and the smaller diamonds act as undertones to your personality.

The engagement ring you’ve chosen speaks to what you think of and how you feel about your partner. It is a reflection of how well you know her and her tastes. The engagement ring you choose also speaks to how you want to be seen. Remember, she’ll be wearing the ring for everyone to see.

Looking After the Diamond Engagement Ring…

Diamond is one of the hardest naturally occurring substances, but you will still need to be very careful with them. In order to maintain the diamond engagement ring’s—or any diamond ring for that matter—brilliance and beauty there are few basic things you can do:

  • Store each piece separately
  • Remove when doing any hard labour
  • Avoid contact with cosmetics, harsh chemicals and cleaning products.

With the proper care and attention you can enjoy the dazzling brilliance of the engagement ring for generations to come.

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